These days the term 'manliness' is met with disdain and hate. For some reason, being 'a man' is a bad. There is a large group of people who think manliness is toxic and is part of what leads to violence, sexual assault and the decay of society. And, to me, those people are stupid idiots.

I think the problem is that nobody knows what it means to be a man anymore. They have this idea that being a man means fighting in the streets, drinking whiskey, chasing women and raising all sorts of hell. Which is not exactly the case. In the most classical sense, a 'manly man' is man that exudes confidence, leadership, poise, self-reliance, ect..

Now, what caused the shift in society's view of men and their role in the world? That could be argued. Some will say the ever growing PC culture. Some will say it has to do with the lack of fatherly guidance for our young, the fact our schools teach kids how to take tests not function in could debate that for hours. But, at the end of the day, today's young men are missing some key lessons for whatever reason.

Which is why I am a huge fan of the website 'Art of Manliness' (and their podcast too). The site does a pretty good job of providing information and resources that every young man (and woman) needs.

The site has practical information like how to make simple how repairs, fight, dress and interview for a job. It also examines what virtues made leaders like Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt great. The site teaches a lot of the lessons children used to get in their homes and schools.

Now, is every article practical? No. I mean, when are you ever going to have to start a fire using a water bottle and pocket knife? But, many of the articles examine what it means to actually be a man, teach how to deal with the pressures of life and how to act like a civilized adult. If you've never been to the site, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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