It's Christmas morning. You can feel the Christmas cheer in the air. The kids are just waking up and running down the hall to see what Santa has delivered under the tree. Gasps and "awes" abound as they go through their loot from the jolly old elf. Video games, clothes, maybe a bicycle even. The kids are hip as to what everything is, the adults, perhaps not so much.

Then, as everything is opened and the dust settles from the rapid fire present opening, it's time to throw on some clothes and head outside. It's time to test all of the new gizmos that everyone has receive for Christmas. Perhaps little Billy is trying out his new bike, or maybe it's to see how fast the new remote control car will go on the road and over the lawn.

Jordan Chase-Music 1

In this case, this video from Jordan Chase-Music, it was to try out a new Segway Hover Board. This particular version actually has handle bars. As Jordan gets ready to test out the new toy, the handle bars come loose and detach from the actual Segway it self. Then, it becomes a giant back and forth balancing act as everyone around holds their breath to see exactly how long he can hold on. Since being uploaded just over 13 hours ago, the video has over 5,000 shares and over 142,000 views. I believe I am personally responsible for a few hundred of those, due to me watching it over and over again!

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