Who is the highest paid athlete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Forbes put together a list of the top nine athletes that are competing at the games. In total, the nine athletes managed to earn $353 million this past year. The outlet tracked their income via insiders between May 1 of 2020 through 2021. Their income included their salaries, prize money, bonuses, sponsorships, licensing deals, ads, etc.

The United States athletes accounted for five of the top spots. Coming in at No. 9 is NBA star Jrue Holiday with $23 million and No. 8 his fellow basketball player Khris Middleton made $27 million. Additionally, NBA star Devin Booker earned the sixth slot with $30.5 million while Portland Trailblaizers point guard Damian Lillard ranked No. 3 with 40.5 million.

Japan’s tennis star Kei Nishikori earned the No. 7 with $30.5 million. During the Rio Olympics, he was able to secure the bronze medal. This marked the first time that his country medaled in the sport in 96 years.

Northern Ireland golf extraordinaire Rory McIlroy ranked at No. 5 with $32 million.

No. 4 is Serbia’s tennis master Novak Djokovic who recently won his Wimbledon match against Matteo Berrettini. He reportedly earned $34.5 million this past year, with $2.4 million of it being from the match.

Canadian Naomi Osaka was the only female on this list and came in at No. 2. The tennis icon was able to become the highest earner among female athletes. This past year, she had over 20 endorsement partners like Google, Levi’s, AirBnb, Nike, and Mastercard. She earned an impressive $60 million this year.

Securing the No. 1 spot is USA basketball player Kevin Durant who earned a whopping $75 million. The two-time Olympic gold medal recipient is hoping to help Team USA win a fourth consecutive gold medal.

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