Ever told someone that you were going to slap the absolute pee doodle squat out of them? Apparently, now some will be given the chance to do just that!

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This past Friday, November 11, Dana White, boss of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) held a press conference to announce the all new Power Slapping!

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

And no, this isn't a rematch of Will Smith versus Chris Rock, these are big, burly, powerful men and women slapping the dog slobber out of each other.

Of course, there's money and prestige involved, but some might think that Will Smith's now internationally famous slap might have been the inspiration for this new event set to debut in January of 2023.

At the press conference for "Power Slap" White proudly announced the debut of this "sport" with an eight episode series to air on TBS network.

Check out the promotional video they put on Instagram and you'll see these aren't your average little slaps.  These are brain damagers.

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The sport's website describes Power Slap this way:

Power Slap features competitors from across the globe battling on the ultimate stage to showcase their power, technique and resolve.

Power Slap is the very first slap fighting organization to be sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Reading the rules of Power Slap might give you a better idea as to how this will go down:

Who Strikes First?
A coin toss or seeding method will determine who gets to elect to slap or defend first.

The Clock
30 seconds to slap. 30 seconds to recover. Repeat.

Men's and Women's division.

Weight Classes
Consistent with MMA.

The number of rounds depends on the format, with the minimum being 3.  In each round, both competitors have the opportunity to deliver a single strike to their opponent’s face. And the obligation to receive their opponent’s strike in return.

Method Of Victory
KO, TKO and points. Like boxing and MMA, Power Slap judging is based on a “10-point must system,” with a round winner scoring 10 points and the opponent scoring 9 or fewer.  Judging criteria is based on the strikers effectiveness, as well as the defender’s reaction and recovery time.

Striker fouls include clubbing, stepping, illegal wind-up and delay of game.  Defender fouls include flinching, blocking and delay of game.  Foul consequences include warnings, point deduction, loss of strike, re-strike and disqualification.

And if you think you can handle those rules and you've got the goods to take part in Power Slap, apparently, because the sport is so new, they have room for additional competitors. Just go to PowerSlap.com to sign up.

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