This morning I had the special privilege of having Jake Owen spend some time with me via telephone.

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Of course, he's readying for tomorrow's big fundraising concert at Blackshear Farms in Waskom, Texas.

Organizers are holding the event which includes a PRCA sanctioned Xtreme Bull Riding to raise funds for police and first responders of Harrison County.  Gates for the event will open at 6:00 pm, tomorrow, Saturday, May 21.

Jake Owen Homemade Number One
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For those anxious to attend, Blackshear Farms is just one mile west of FM 1998 and Hwy 134, on the south side of 1998. From Shreveport-Bossier, it’s just a quick drive down I-20.

Advance tickets are only $50 and available now at

While it could all be an act, and if it is he's an Oscar award winner, Jake could very well be the nicest guy I've ever interviewed. He even rivals Garth Brooks, who's one of the most accommodating entertainers in the world.

I jokingly asked him what was the coolest part about being Jake Owen and his response was totally unexpected, but nonetheless as noble as any. He said, "Having these two little girls that I have."

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

He could have talked about how awesome his tour is or that his latest single, "Best Thing Since Backroads" was already Top 20 on the charts, but no, without a thought, he played the "Dad" card.

Not having ever spent time with Jake before, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a man after my own heart.

We even took a little time to discuss his most hated household chores, his love of bass fishing, but when I asked him how he'd spend the money if he won Powerball, I got another completely unexpected answer.  It was a classic Jake Owen moment.

So, how would he use those millions? He would add them to his 'Jake Owen Foundation' who's main mission is "helping people in the places they call home."

Jake Owen ToC Fest Interview
Patrick Tewey

I gotta admit, it was right then and there I got my first man-crush. Just an amazing guy.

And then he put the icing on the cake for me with all an all out knee slapping laugh. Since part of this event was a bull ride, I had to know if he'd ever ridden a bull himself. "No, but I think I would" was his response. For those that don't know, Owen tends to be somewhat a daredevil, so I had to ask what was the most death defying thing he's done so far.

His answer was one for the record books. "Raising these two little girls." Yep, he played the Dad card again, but he did it like a Boss!

Thank you Jake! Check out the full interview below.

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