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When you walk into a grocery store, probably the last thing you consider is just what things you should NOT touch in an effort to avoid germs. I mean, it's a grocery store. Things should be relatively clean in there, right?

Well, that would be a yes and no kind of answer. All in all, we are blessed here in Northwest Louisiana with some of the finest grocery stores in the country, however there are a few items that you might want to avoid touching, especially in light of COVID and the upcoming cold and flu season.

Researchers went to 24 different grocery stores and swabbed just about every surface in the store to determine what was the germiest and I'm betting that you can't guess what the nastiest, germiest surface is. It might explain why so many people got hit so quickly with coronavirus at the onset of the pandemic.

I'm not advocating any type of germaphobia, but when you consider just where the hands have been that have already touched these things before, it might make you consider wearing rubber gloves even when this pandemic is all over.

Take a look at the Top 5 Nastiest, Germiest Things You Touch in a Grocery Store!

The Top 5 Nastiest, Germiest Things You Touch in a Grocery Store

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