With yesterday's horrific school shooting in Florida dominating the news, every good parent across the nation is asking this question: What is being done to protect my children?  This is obviously not the only question that this terrible event raises, it is the question that proceeds a mountain of other questions.  It is a totally natural reaction to be petrified with fear over this tragedy, but we must fight that urge in order to find a solution.

My 9 year old son is a Bossier Parish student, and this situation terrifies me.  My choice is to educate my son on the best possible way to deal with this type of situation.  Knowing exactly what that way is can be difficult to determine on your own, so we called Bossier Parish Superintendent Scott Smith this morning to ask exactly what is being done to protect our kids.

I have included that conversation below.  It is invaluable information for parents with kids of any age, please listen to it.  Scott tells us that all questions should be directed first to the principal of the school that your child attends, then secondly to the school district's security director.  In Bossier, that is Adam Johnson - you can find his contact information here. 

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