Although they differ in style and tone in every way imaginable, ‘The Expendables 2‘ and ‘The Bourne Legacy‘ are both action movies and they share the same audience (people who like watching people beat up other people). The slick, modern ‘The Bourne Legacy’ was last week’s box office champion, so everyone was wondering if its success would cut into the opening of the brawny, ’80s throwback that is ‘The Expendables 2.’ Or vice versa. Well, the numbers are in…

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1 The Expendables 2

2The Bourne Legacy $17,020,000 (-55.4%)$4,535 $69,581,000
3 ParaNorman$14,008,000$4,085$14,008,000
4The Campaign $13,385,000 (-49.7%)$4,112 $51,694,000
5 Sparkle $12,000,000$5,348 $12,000,000
6The Dark Knight Rises $11,140,000 (-41.3%)$3,529 $409,916,000
7The Odd Life of Timothy Green $10,909,000$4,199$10,909,000
8Hope Springs $9,100,000 (-37.9%)$3,854 $35,051,000
9Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days$3,850,000 (-51.9%)$1,407$38,762,000
10Total Recall$3,500,000 (-56.3%)$1,438$51,782,000


It looks like they both hurt each other a bit, honestly.

A $28 million opening for ‘The Expendables 2′ is solid for what’s essentially a glorified B-movie (both in subject and budget), but it’s $6 million short of the first film’s $34 million opening. This could be audience fatigue or disinterest (did anyone actually like ‘The Expendables’?), but the more likely culprit is just a crowded market. If ‘The Bourne Legacy’ wasn’t around, it wouldn’t be surprising if this one had opened about $10 million higher.

Similarly, ‘The Bourne Legacy’ probably would have held better in its second week if not for ‘The Expendables 2.’ That 55% drop is a big one and while the film has grossed nearly $70 million, it’s already on track to make far less than the past few ‘Bourne’ films (although it may match the first film’s $120 million, which would be fitting since this is essentially a reboot). However, neither ‘Bourne’ or ‘The Expendables’ will face much direct competition in the next few weeks (unless ‘Lawless‘ decides that it wants to be a hit), so time may be on their side here.

ParaNorman‘ wasn’t cheap, so that $14 million opening isn’t great. That’s a shame, especially since it was the most critically praised release of the week and had a really strong and fun advertising campaign (the original teaser trailer is an all-timer as far as movie marketing goes). Between this and ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits,’ could stop motion animated films be in trouble? This should be answered definitively when Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie‘ opens in October.

In fourth place, ‘The Campaign‘ took a big drop, but it’s right on track to make the exact amount of money it needs to cross into the black: $70 million minimum, $100 million if the movie gods are on everyone’s side. Both Will Ferrell and Zach Galifiankis have seen bigger hits, but hey, at least it’s not ‘The Watch.’ Count your blessings, guys.

Sparkle‘ opened in fifth place with $12 million, which is about how much that movie was ever destined to make. Nothing more to say here, moving on.

The Dark Knight Rises‘ crossed a major milestone today, taking in another $11 million for a total of $409 million. That makes the latest Batman adventure the 15h film to cross the $400 million mark at the domestic box office. If you’re keeping score, it just edged out ‘The Hunger Games.’

Much like ‘Sparkle,’ ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green‘ was destined to open to $10 million and vanish without a trace. It’ll have a long shelf life as that movie future generations of children always see at their local video rental store but never actually watch.

Hope Springs‘ may have plummeted to the number eight spot, but don’t despair, Meryl Streep fans: it only dropped 37% (the smallest drop in the top ten), which is an early indication that it’ll have legs. For a movie of this size, $50-60 million is a victory and it has that gross in the bag.

And that brings us to a repeat of last week’s Hall of Shame, where once again, ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days’ made more than ‘Total Recall.’ To put the bombing of ‘Total Recall’ in perspective, it must be noted that Len Wiseman’s critically deplored remake will gross less than ‘John Carter.’ Heck, it won’t even reach ‘Battleship’ numbers. Those who hate remakes: you have our permission to rejoice.

The Year of Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues next week with the release of ‘Premium Rush.’ There’s also ‘The Apparition,’ but come on…Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

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