The Grammys is a big celebration for the best music of the year where music fans get to watch some of the best performances from beloved musicians.  Everyone either watched it or are talking about it.  But did I watch it?  Absolutely not.  I appreciate music, love listening to K945 and the other lovely music stations in Shreveport-Bossier, but I'm not the type to rearrange my schedule around a music awards show.

Many will ask why bother watching the show live when I can go to bed and wake up and find out what parts were good and what parts weren't?  You can have the best of both worlds: get a full night's rest and get to see just the best parts.  So, if the whole show is bad, you save yourself from wasting a couple hours.

But you can make the same argument for sports.  Why bother wasting a few hours watching a game that will either be disappointing, frustrating or boring?  You could just watch the highlights or get the details in the sports reports right here on 710 KEEL or over on 1130 The Tiger.

I am a sports fan, not a music buff.  I'll watch my lackluster sports teams and pass on the music shows.  So, we must ask, did you watch the Grammys?

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