The Little League World Series is well under way and the kids have been showing out as usual. Teams from all over the country are battling it out for a trip to Williams Port. Every year, there are a hand full of amazing moments and funny clips that remind us of how special this stage is for these youngsters. For example, this kid hitting a no doubter with work gloves on. You read that right, work gloves, not batting gloves.

This best moment from the tournament so far has come from Oklahoma’s Zay Jarvis. Jarvis and his squad matched up for an intense game against Texas East with a trip to Williams Port on the line. Jarvis found himself at the plate with runners in scoring position and his team down by one.

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The Texas East Pitcher threw a fast ball high an inside that would strike Jarvis in the head. Jarvis hit ground immediately and looked to be in some pain. The young kid on the mound was clearly shaken up by the play and even started to cry. Zay Jarvis would be ok and stay in the game, but we he did next was heartwarming.

Moments like these remind us that the game is bigger than just winning or losing. The amount of sportsmanship that Jarvis showed after being hit in the head is just amazing to see. The video has begun to circle the Twitter feeds and fans are moved by the humility Zay Jarvis showed.

These kids earned there time on this stage for being great athletes, but Jarvis showed us that he is also a tremendous person. I really hope to see more clips like this in the near future.

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