I have often marveled at the sheer stupidity of some criminals.

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Are modern day bad guys not aware that there are cameras everywhere? The thought must have eluded most of them, especially today's winner, as crime at retail stores continues.

Another sign of the lack of gray matter for some of these individuals is their total ignorance of economics and the basics of "return on investment."

Let me paint chase that squirrel a moment. If you were willing to break the law and commit an act of theft, putting yourself at the peril of a prison term, would your first choice of target be Dollar General? I think not.

And then when you found yourself stealing from Dollar General, while cameras are rolling, would your theft be that of a shopping cart? I know that Dollar General has a great candy aisle, there's toiletries, they even have motor oil, so if you were going to commit theft, would you put everything on the line for a shopping cart? And it's probably got one of those janky wheels anyway.

Well, our mental midget this week chose the bottom rung of the mental ladder and that's exactly what he's accused of doing.


Detectives with the Bossier Sheriff’s Office are hoping you can help identify this man from a surveillance photo at a local Dollar General.

According to a report from the BPSO, on Sunday, October 16, at approximately 6:20 pm, the unknown white male went into the Family Dollar located on US Hwy 79/80 in Haughton.

The store clerk said he purchased a number of items that were in a shopping cart inside the store with cash. Then after the subject left the store, he loaded the shopping cart into the back of his pick-up truck and stole it.

What's our Einstein gonna do with a shopping cart? I was a little shocked by the theft and then read on howmuchisit.org that the average shopping cart can cost $75 to $150, and shopping cart theft is estimated to be in the $800 million range annually.

Maybe I've had this guy all wrong. Maybe he's the head of a huge shopping cart crime syndicate and he's worth millions.  Or maybe he's just a moron. I'm going with the latter.

Hopefully you can help out.  If you have any information regarding the identity of this person, you are asked to please call the Bossier Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division at 318-965-3418 or 318-965-2203.

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