If you're looking for a job one of the most important things to look for is job security. You want a lot of money, but you also want the pay checks to keep coming.

I had no idea until recently that the Head Coach position for the Dallas Cowboys has the most job security of any job in the country. Jason Garrett is the current "coach" and currently showing that no matter how bad he does he just can't get fired.

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones was asked about Garrett following the team's loss to the Tennessee Titans during Monday Night Football this week. Just to be clear the Cowboys are now 3-5 for the season.  When asked by reporters if he would consider firing Garret during the season, Jones responded with one word, "No."

So that leaves me with a few theories:

  • Jones is watching old games from the 90's and thinks he's watching Garrett.
  • This is all one big joke for fans of the Dallas Cowboys
  • Garrett has some crazy big blackmail on Jones.

No matter the reason it doesn't look like Jason Garrett is going anywhere anytime soon.

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