Have you ever seen a contest on social media that went something like: "Follow and/or like us to win."? Sure you have!  That's what almost everyone who uses a giveaway to increase their presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. does.  Not only is Miller Beer proving to be the exception to this rule, they will give you a free beer if you unfollow them entirely! 

The beer brewing giant announced on twitter that, in order to discourage people from getting lost in their phones, they would be buying everyone that unfollowed them on social media a frosty brew to enjoy in real life with friends.  According to Thrillist, all you have to do is follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Take a photo or screenshot of you not following Miller Lite both Facebook and Instagram. Text that to 49375 with the word "UNFOLLOW."
2. Wait for the company to respond with a link. 
3. Go to that link and upload a receipt with a Miller Lite on the tab. 
4. The company will shoot you money for the beer via PayPal. 

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