A billboard in the Texas Panhandle was paid for by an anonymous person and it caused a lot of controversy. The sign reads "Liberals, Please continue on I-40 until you have left our great State of Texas,” According to DFW CBS 11 the owner of the billboard company Burkett Outdoor Advertising, Randy Burkett said that the client now wants the billboard removed because their "intention was not to divide the country". The owner went on to say that he is a firm believer in First Amendment rights, and refuses to say who paid him to put the billboard up. Mr.Burkett claims that he has gotten countless calls from media and people threatening him. So if you're trying to reach Mr.Burkett or Burkett Outdoor Advertising, good luck!

The image of the sign has been shared on social media over 20,000 times. The now viral photo has made it's way all throughout the country and it's receiving several mixed emotions. People aren't afraid to share their opinions when sharing the photo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Do you think the billboard should be taken down? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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