Thomas Gunderson was shot in the leg during the horrific Las Vegas shooting, but it didn't stop him from honoring his president.

A video that is going viral shows Gunderson being visited by President and First Lady Trump in the hospital. He was shot in the leg in the massacre that claimed over 50 lives and injured another 500+, but he still managed to rise from his hospital bed when the Trumps entered his room.

Gunderson was still in pain but gave his reasoning for standing in a Facebook post that accompanied the video.

I will never lie down when the President of this great country comes to shake my hand! There may be plenty of issues in this country but I will always respect my country, my president, and my flag. Shot in the leg or not, I will stand to show my President the respect he deserves!

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump met with eight families, and around 100 doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who had been at the hospital for days on end since the senseless attack took place.

Investigators are still trying to put together the pieces in an effort to find out what led 64-year-old Stephen Paddock to open fire from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Sunday night.

Gunderson's resilience is a reminder that as Americans, we will always fight to get back up.

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