Christopher Hayes/SPD

Two men have been arrested for an early-morning shooting in west Shreveport. It happened shortly after 3:30 this morning at the intersection of Monkhouse and Interstate Drive.

Three people tell police they were riding inside a car they claim was shot at by a group of males who were in a gold-colored Chevy Monte Carlo. There was apparently some sort of argument involving both groups at a Monkhouse gas station just minutes before the shooting.

The victims say they were trying to drive away, when shots were fired at their vehicle, causing them to crash. Nobody was hurt. The shooting suspects were seen headed eastbound on I-20.

A description of the vehicle was brodacast, and officers spotted it on Jewella near Doris Avenue. They pulled it over and took two men into custody. They're identified as 22-year-old Christopher Hayes and 19-year-old LeBrandon White, both of Shreveport.

Two handguns were found inside the vehicle, and one of them had been reported stolen. Hayes and White were each charged with illegal use of a weapon. White was also charged with illegal possession of stolen things.