Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center have already been very busy with the record-breaking events of Hurricane Season 2020. It doesn't appear as if those forecasters will be getting any time off anytime soon.

Right now the Hurricane Center is monitoring two areas of potential development. One of those is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The other is in the Caribbean Sea and it appears to be headed for the Gulf of Mexico.

The system that's just north of Cuba is not given a strong probability of developing into a tropical cyclone. That's good news for the northern Gulf Coast. Since the forecast track of the system does carry it from the Caribbean Sea and into the Gulf. As of now, forecasters are only giving this system a 20% probability of strengthening.

However, the Hurricane Center does say that conditions for tropical development will improve once the system enters the Gulf of Mexico later today. While there are currently no tropical weather watches or warnings have been issued. Forecasters here in South Louisiana do expect rain chances to be quite high in advance of the system's approach later in the week.

A second system in the low latitudes of the mid-Atlantic has also been given a 20% probability of development over the next five days. The forecast track for that system calls for a generally westward motion. On that track, some of the islands of the Lesser Antilles could be effected over the next few days.


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