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The LSU Tigers are heading to the College Football Playoff for the very first time. Here's what will stop them from winning the National Championship.

For the first time in a long time, the LSU Tigers sit comfortably atop the college football landscape as the regular season comes to an end. Everything is coming together for the tigers at just the right time. To wrap up their season, LSU absolutely crushed Georgia to win the SEC Championship. They arguably have the top offense in America, with the greatest collegiate quarterback in the country guiding the ship.



So, what could stop these LSU Tigers from winning the whole thing?

Below you'll find the top five reasons LSU will not win the National Championship.



  • 1

    The World Ends Before January 13th

    This is the most obvious reason that could stop the LSU Tigers from winning the biggest game in college football. There's not much that will keep the Tigers from the top prize, but a civilization-destroying Act of God should do the trick.

  • 2

    Joe Burrow Breaks His Arm Hoisting the Heisman Trophy

    That Heisman Trophy is a heavy beast, I say we play it safe and just ask Joe to pick it up for the first time after the playoffs...

  • 3

    Coach O Bumps His Head and Starts Speaking Normally

    I'm telling you guys, Coach O's magical cajun voice plays a pivotal role for these LSU Tigers. No collegiate coach in history has ever represented his school as well as Coach O represents LSU. I believe if he suddenly starts speaking fluent, proper english, the Tigers would lose a little bit of their magic.

  • 4

    Joe Burrow Transfers Back to Ohio State

    A week before the national championship, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow has a change of heart and decides to play the big game for Ohio State (in this made-up scenario, NCAA transfer rules don't exist, OK? I had to get a little creative to find a way that gives Ohio State a chance).

  • 5

    Screw This List

    That's right, I can't think of anything else that could possibly stop the LSU Tigers from winning the National Championship. GEAUX TIGERS!

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