Before he was arguably the best quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady was just a kid out to prove himself.

An interview with the future Tom Terrific as a high schooler in California recently popped up on Twitter. In it, Brady -- already flashing that winning smile, perfectly parted hair and calm demeanor -- talked about how he's an accurate passer with a strong arm and a good work ethic.

He also notes he needs to work on his speed. Well, arm strength, accuracy and ethic were pretty on the money. As for the speed? Well, he's not exactly known as the Usain Bolt of QBs, but that's hardly stopped him. Number 12 has five Super Bowl rings and the only thing he's had to be fast at is getting on the stage to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy while all of New England bows before him.

And bonus points for this interview -- perhaps Brady's first -- go to Dan Fouts. Yes, the former San Diego Chargers gunslinger, who is enshrined in Canton, is the one who sat down with Brady. It's one past great signal-caller to one future great signal-caller.

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