If you're infatuated with the movie "Titanic" made famous in 1997 or maybe you're a history buff, you can buy a ticket and get the Titanic II experience as soon as 2022. Who is spearheading the controversial project? Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer, have teamed up to bring a dream of theirs into reality. Chances are you remember hearing something about a second Titanic back in 2012, all was going well on Titanic II production but there was some kind of financial disagreement with the Chinese government. Production was halted, until now.

Mario Tama Getty Images

The estimated cost for Titanic II is over 500 Million dollars. The good news is that unlike the Titanic that set sail in 1912, Titanic II will have more than enough lifeboats, they'll make sure the hull is welded and not riveted, and most importantly there will be modern navigation that will avoid huge icebergs. Titanic II is expected to set sail following the original journey from Southampton to New York. There are also plans for Titanic II to travel all around the world. The maiden voyage is from Dubai to New York, according to  CruiseArabia, and it's already scheduled for 2022.