Do you smell that? Yes, we are all smelling the pumpkin spice take over Shreveport-Bossier. Some of us are eager to do all the fall things and right now everyone seems to be going to Dixie Maze Farms.

andrearenata, Thinkstock
andrearenata, Thinkstock

For several years now Dixie Maze has been the attraction for all things Halloween and fall. Want to visit a pumpkin patch? Dixie Maze is the place to visit.

path in dark and scary forest
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Want to Get the Shuck Scared Out of You?

There is a haunting that takes over Dixie Maze. It has always been known that Dixie Maze does an amazing job with its haunted maze, however this year, the reviews are stellar. I have never seen so many people on my social media praising an event, this is a really good thing for our community and clearly, they're killing it.

Want to Get Lost?

You can get lost in a massive maze without leaving Shreveport. The best part is that Dixie Maze switches it up every year. Remember the year that they honored Drew Brees?

Want to see how they pulled it off? Dixie Maze takes us behind the scenes check out the video below.

Dixie Maze is located at 9596 Sentell Rd, Shreveport, LA 71107.

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