Many people seem to have the term Millennial confused for being any "young person" but that's simply just not the case. While there's not an exact age range most agree the average millennial is between 21-35 years old right now... So why not throw a party at a bar and invite everyone?! That's exactly what Ernie's Bar in Shreveport is doing with their "Really BIG Millennial Party"! 

More details continue to come out about this party but so far we know for sure that it'll be held Friday, August 31st from 8-4am with Live Music and Drink Specials. Of course the music will feature songs just for the millennial crowd, which personally I'm hoping for some Backstreet Boys! The Collective kicks off the night 8:00pm-11:00pm with tons of vintage clothing and jewelry with the band Basic Cable patio playing your favorite songs from the 90s and 00s. That Girl DJ will be inside keeping the party going all night long!

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