Attention, baby boomers! Here's a little harsh news for you. The Beatles broke up more than fifty years ago. But in the short time the four Liverpudlian lads were together, they not only put together one of the most amazing catalogs in the history of popular music, they not only acquired enough wealth to last a hundred lifetimes, but that also had a bunch of kids.

Ten in all. Well, there could be far more that that, especially if you believe all the rumors. But according to the official records, that's the number. Thrice married Paul McCartney leads the way with four: Mary, Stella, James and Beatrice. Paul, by the way, did adopt first-wife Linda's daughter, Heather.

Drummer Ringo Starr is the father of three: Sons Zak and Jason and daughter Lee.

John Lennon was the father of two sons. The elder, singer and songwriter Julian, with first wife Cynthia. His younger son Sean was born thirteen years later to second wife, Yoko Ono.

And the late George Harrison had one child, son Dhani, also a musician.

Of all the Beatles' kids, John's son Julian is the oldest at 57. The youngest? Paul's daughter, Beatrice, is only 16.

So, here's a closer look at them all.

Beatles Kids: Where are They Now?


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