If you thought a "Bathroom Bill" was a big deal in North Carolina, wait till it hits the Lonestar state.  If it becomes a law, it would require all transgendered students of public schools in Texas to use a "separate, single-occupancy restroom."

USA Today reports the bill was tacked on to a another bill that deals with covering school emergency operation plans for situations such as natural disasters.  It has already passed the first hurdle - final House approval should come later today.  After that, it will have to pass in the Senate (which it is expected to do) to become a law.

Some opponents, like Rep. Joe Moody from El Paso, say that the law "is an attack on transgender people."  Republican Rep. Chris Paddie said "It's absolutely about child safety.  This is about accommodating all kids," during a town hall meeting in Marshall Texas.

Just for the record, MSNBC reports that North Carolina could stand to lose $3.76 billion due to big championship games, movies set to film there, and tons of festivals that refuse to hold their events there because of a similar law in effect.

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