A Longview, TX woman has been arrested in the death of her own child after an investigation revealed evidence that she may have lied during initial questioning.

Harrison County Investigators arrested April Gibbons at 7:30 AM Wednesday on a warrant for murder after autopsy results detailed her child died from other means than she had earlier stated to investigators. Gibbons was initially arrested on February 24, 2017 on two charges of endangering a child and posted bonds of $10,000 on each charge.

During the initial interview she alleged that she had given her child an over the counter sleep medication. The parents of Ms. Gibbons were also arrested at the address on Whitehurst Dr in Longview, TX on warrants for endangering a child. All of the other children were removed and placed in the custody of CPS.

Arraignment on the charges will be conducted Wednesday afternoon. The case remains under investigation.

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