Last year, the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office in South Texas arrested former Juvenile Justice Department employee Gilberto Escamilla for the theft of $1.2 million worth of fajitas.  Mr. Escamilla ran a scam for 9 years that involved the theft of thousands of pounds of frozen fajitas that he would resell for a 100% profit.  He was finally caught when 800 pounds of the fraudulent fajitas were delivered on a day that Mr. Escamilla was sick.  His very confused replacement reported the irregularity to his superiors, which led to an investigation.  He was apprehended when officials connected a long string of invoices and vouchers connected him to the scam, which led to a search of his home where they found some of the ill-gotten meat in a fridge .

According to the Brownsville Herald - Mr. Escamilla plead guilty to theft by a public servant Friday.  State district judge, J. Manuel Banales then handed down the sentence for Gilberto's crimes, and the almost decade-long con will cost him the next 50 years of his life in federal prison.

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