This maybe hard to believe, but as much as Chad Ochocinco Johnson's name has been the public in the midst of constant controversy throughout his career, he has never been arrested!

But on Saturday night, he figured out there is always a first for everything.

Despite the Miami Dolphins' preseason loss to Tampa Bay, don't tell Chad Johnson it's just a meaningless preseason game. I'm assuming he was still fuming after he left Landshark Stadium in Miami, and he took it out on his wife!

Johnson was picked by Davie, Florida PD a few hours ago after he and his wife got into in argument as a result of a discovery of a recipt for a box of condoms. After the heated arugment, Johnson allegedly head butted his wife! According to Davie, FL police Capt. Dale Engle she "has a good laceration on her forehead."

His wife, Evelyn Lozada, is no stranger to fame. Lozada starred in VH1's "Basketball Wives". Perhaps, she'll have something new to talk about, aside from their big wedding, on the upcoming season of the show. Perhaps, the Miami Dolphins will have something new to talk about on next week's episode of "Hard Knocks".

As of now Johnson is still sitting in jail and is expected to be transferred to the Broward County, Florida Sheriff's office. Johnson can make bond sometime on Sunday morning, and he'll appear in front of a judge first thing Monday morning.

A rep from the Dolphins says, "we are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering all the relevant information."

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