Scott Crichton

Another Program on Teen Consequences Scheduled
It's been called an incredible success in the past, and now the Caddo Sheriff's Office and Judge Scott Crichton are bringing it back again. It's "Don't Let This Be You," a program for teens illustrating the serious legal consequences of criminal behavior
Crime Consequences Class
It's been well-received in the past, so they're going to do it again. Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator, District Court Judge Scott Crichton, and Assistant District Attorney Ron Stamps are going to be teaming up again next Tuesday to put on a crime program for teens and their parents.
“Don’t Let This Be You” Program – Register Now!
"Don't Let This Be You" is back...and it's time to get signed up for it. The program designed for those ages 13 and up, along with their parents, will be held June 14th from 6 to 9 p.m. at Caddo Correctional Center. Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator, Judge Scott Crichton and Assistant Distric…