CC's Coffee House opening in Camp Forbing.
CC's Coffee House will be putting a new location in Camp Forbing Center.  The building will be ready in the 3rd quarter of this year, and the store should open soon thereafter.  The company is based in Baton Rouge and currently has 33 locations throughout the state...
The 10 People You’ll Find in Every Coffee Shop
Coffee shops are entertainment hot spots. These places are chock-full of prime people-watching opportunities, because they're not just for strict coffee-lovers anymore. Nowadays, we can get everything from mocha marble whatcha-ma-call-it lattes to chocolate-banana smoothie deliciousness at…
11 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee
There are few people who can’t get through their busy day without a cup of strong black coffee. It gets the blood moving, make your brain work faster and keeps you from falling down face first at your desk in a puddle of your own drool.