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Ben Affleck’s ‘The Accountant’ Is Getting a Sequel
I kind of liked The Accountant. It was goofy, sure, but it had a kind of absurd purity as well. It “has a bit more interesting stuff creeping around its edges than a lot of the superhero movies based on established properties,” I wrote in my review for ScreenCrush. The mythology was e…
No More Bennifer, Trump Troubles + More
Wow! I really thought it was all rumor with these two crazy kids! I’m talking about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner who are calling it quits after 10 years of marriage and three kids.
‘Argo’ Wins Big at Producer’s Guild of America Awards
With each passing awards ceremony, the Academy's snubbing of Ben Affleck for Best Director looks increasingly ridiculous. Some thought that 'Argo' winning Best Picture and Best DIrector at the Golden Globes was something of a fluke, but now that the critically acclaimed box office hit…