I know a lot of you watched the Super Bowl last night.  Did I?  Only part of it.  See...my favorite part of a football game has always been the half-time show...and wouldn't you know it -- that's the exact time I decided to tune in.  You're probably wondering now what I thought of THAT.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by Madonna's performance, as well as those of her large group of special guests.  My favorite part was (no big surprise here, me being the gigantic band nerd I am) the portion when the drum line came in.  AWESOME!! 

As for the remainder of the game...I looked up every now and again to catch the score.  Let's face it...I only really pay MORE attention when a Louisiana team is part of the "big game."  BUT...would you believe I actually predicted the Giants to win this one?  I thought I'd missed that...the last score I saw when I finally decided to turn off the tv was 15 to 17 in favor of the Patriots.  With just a few minutes to go, how was I to know the Giants would pull that one off?  I guess that's what separates me from the TRUE sports fans...who probably knew that would happen. 

I've talked to quite a few people who tuned in mainly for the commercials...and I can understand why.  Some of the ones I saw (including a promo for "The Voice" -- where the judges are attacking each other Kung-Fu-style) were mighty clever.   What was YOUR favorite part of the whole thing?

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