Rising water has displaced thousands of Louisiana residents. Many of those residents are finding a place to stay in community shelters, hotels, or with friends and family.

Eventually there will be a need to for these residents to return to their lives after the water recedes. The question of where to house this displaced citizens is now becoming a major concern for state officials.

Many homes that were flooded across the state will not be ready to be occupied for many weeks if not months. That is why the state is developing a housing plan for those who were displaced by the flooding.

We have to take into consideration this particular group of storm victims and what their needs are going to be. They’re not all going to be the same.

The words of Governor John Bel Edwards as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

The Governor suggested in his comments that the state is following FEMA's lead. He says FEMA already has a process in place for gathering information about what each family might need when it comes to housing and recovery aid.

They’re going to have teams in our shelters and in our communities, talking to individuals who are victims to figure out exactly what this population looks like so that we can fashion a plan.

Does that mean a potential return of the widely reviled "FEMA Trailer" ala post Katrina in New Orleans? Craig Fugate a FEMA Spokesman responded to that query with this comment.

If we need to bring in any type of temporary housing units, the first thing is they’re better than they’ve ever been.

A decision to bring in trailers or any other form of temporary housing has not been made. The idea is certainly up for discussion as more and more information is being gathered.

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