It won’t soften the blow much but at least it’s something right? State Treasurer John Kennedy announced a bit of good news for victims of the recent flooding in our state. Kennedy said that if you live in any of the federally declared disaster areas you are entitled to a refund of the state’s sales tax. This refund applies only to items that were uninsured and lost in the flooding.

If some of your personal property was destroyed and you weren't reimbursed for it, you can at least file a form with the Department of Revenue and get the sales tax back that you paid on the destroyed property.

If you’re not sure exactly what the state is offering a visit to the State Treasurer’s website should offer a little more clarity. Kennedy told the Louisiana Radio Network that the sales tax refund may not seem like much but it could really add up and at least help lighten the load of those who were affected by the high water.

The state will reimburse you for the state sales tax you paid on any portion of destroyed property not reimbursed by insurance or disaster relief. The reimbursement applies to furniture, rugs, utensils, clothing, linens, televisions, cameras, toys, exercise equipment, books and even lawn mowers.

If you stop to consider the amount of sales tax  you paid on some of the items above you can see that Mr. Kennedy’s words will ring true. The money will add up quickly. Any claim you make should be filed with the Louisiana Department of Revenue. If you don’t you’re your original receipts that should not be a problem. The secretary of the department can wave the documentation requirement.

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