If you've ever thought of a life in law enforcement, there has probably never been a better time in history to fulfill that dream.

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It looks like nearly every office in North Louisiana is hiring. Just stroll through the area law enforcement agencies' social media pages and you'll see.

From Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office
From Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office
From Shreveport Police Dept.
From Shreveport Police Dept.
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office
Webster Parish Sheriff's Ofifce
Webster Parish Sheriff's Ofifce

So, if you happen to be one of those interested in pursuing that career, you might be asking yourself, "Who pays the most?"

Take a look at what we have found out and see if that helps your decision making.

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office

Going to caddosheriff.org, we see the following starting pay structure:

  • Security Deputy Starting Salary
    $6,000.00 (state pay awarded after one year of employment)
  • Corrections Deputy Starting Salary

CPSO also offers Military Service Incentives:

  • $1,200 - 4 years of Active Duty military service
  • $1,800 - 8-20 years of Active Duty military service
  • $2,400 - Retired with 20/20+ Active Duty military service

Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office

The website bossiersheriff.com lists their starting pay as follows:

  • One of the highest law enforcement salaries in the area at $40,100 to start
  • Additional $6,000 annual pay one year after POST certification.
  • Additional incentives available

Shreveport Police Department

Logging on to shreveportla.gov we find starting pay for the following:

Police officers:

  • $2,410 per month while attending police academy
  • Upon completion of the academy, salary increases to $2,946 per month
  • One year after hire date, officers receive an additional $500 in state supplemental pay

Jailer: $2,561 per month
Communications officer: $3,489 per month

Bossier City Police Department

According to the website bossiercity.org, these are the starting salaries:

  • Police Officer – starting monthly salary of $3,133 plus incentives
  • Jailer I – starting monthly salary of $3,133 plus incentives
  • Police Communications Officer – starting monthly salary of $3,000 plus incentives. Monthly salary increases to $3,698 after one year upon completion of certification
  • Police Departmental Records Clerk – starting monthly salary $2,391 – plus incentives

Minden Police Department

In an article dated November 4, 2021 from ktbs.com , we see the following regarding starting pay:

  • The starting pay at the Minden Police Department is $13.75 an hour. With that starting pay, new hires are not eligible for state supplemental pay for one year.

While I'm sure that starting pay schedules for other area cities and parishes are likely comparable to those listed above, we were just unable to secure those figures.

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