After taking a couple years to rest and regroup, it looks like the Star Trek movies are back on track. With Quentin Tarantino building buzz for his prospective new Trek movie, and many of the stars back on board for more, Paramount is preparing not just one, but two new movies coming out in the next few years.

Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulous announced the good news at CinemaCon on Wednesday during Paramount’s panel, according to Fandango’s Erik Davis, who tweeted from the event:

One of those is probably Tarantino’s, which still seems like a collective fever dream we are now treating as reality (don’t get me wrong, I’m very interested to see what this turns out to be). The other could really be anything, depending on whether Tarantino’s Trek is a direct sequel to Star Trek Beyond or something completely new and unrelated to the Kelvin timeline.

Zachary Quinto, the Kelvin timeline’s Spock, previously said that there were three different scripts being worked on in the Star Trek universe: a direct follow-up to Beyond, Tarantino’s, and another. But Paramount gave no clues as to which of these they were going for, so right now it’s anyone’s guess.

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