Let's face it, many of us didn't plan out our Spring Break, and now we are stuck in the SBC. While many of us are busy hiding inside our homes and Netflixing, we could be out enjoying the SBC. I get it, there isn't much money in the bank account, but here are some things we can do with the family in the area and actually afford all while supporting local and giving back to the community!

Amanda Currier
Amanda Currier

1. Take the kiddos out for a Family Fun Day. Gators and Friends, Chimp Haven, G-Rock Climbing, Shreveport Aquarium, there is so much to do, the question is which ones can you fit in, in just one day!

2. Hoppy Hour. Get hoppy with your favorite drinking buddies and hit up all the breweries in the SBC! Great Raft Brewing, Flying Heart, Red River Brewing, the list goes on.


3. Get tipsy and Artsy. The best part about painting with a twist is it's a BYOB type of place. Artispy is also a really cool place to get boozy and take some art instruction from experts. You have the drinking part down, and if you don't have the artistic part down, the booze helps you forget you're far from an artist.

4. Escape with friends. If you have kids in the teen range or you just want to test your smarts with some friends check out an escape room! They sound kind of easy right? WRONG! You may come out feeling defeated and needing to up that I.Q. or you just may earn some bragging rights! Red Herring Escape Rooms, Escape Shreveport, we have some of the coolest escape rooms in the SBC!

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