I have a feeling Christmas of 2020 will be very different from what we have ever experienced before. Lots of folks will probably avoid being in large shopping complexes with hundreds of other people and our traditions for the holiday will probably change dramatically.

This got me to think about so many things we do at Christmas that we might not be able to do this year. The big item on my list is the annual trip with your children to visit Santa Claus and tell him what you want for Christmas. This also includes the annual photo with Santa.

Will that even be possible this year? Will Mom and Dad be ok with letting little Johnnie or Susie sit in Santa's lap? Will it even allowed by the retailers who bring Santa Claus in for the holiday season?

Are there some alternatives to getting your picture made with Santa? What about making sure he gets your wish list? I'm very worried about how we will handle all of that this year.

How To Deal With A Socially Distanced Santa This Holiday Season

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