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The Harris County Sheriff's Office is reporting an absolutely heartbreaking story about a group of children in the Houston area. According to the Sheriff's Office, three abandoned children and the skeletal remains of another were discovered in an apartment in Houston Sunday.

A 15 year old boy called the Sheriff's Office and reported that the body of his 9 year old brother was in the room next door. According to the report, the boy had been dead for about a year and that the parents left the apartment months before the teen contacted police. Two other boys under the age of 10 were also found in the apartment.

All the boys were reportedly malnourished and showed signs of injury. The children were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

  Harris County Sheriff, Ed Gonzales, called the whole situation 'heartbreaking'. He also took to Twitter to give an update on the case. Gonzales said "There are no new developments this morning regarding the scene on Green Crest. Mother and her boyfriend were located, interviewed and released. CPS is assisting with the children. Our investigation remains on-going. No charges have been filed."


We will keep you updated as more details are released in this heartbreaking and grisly story.

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