Have you been thinking about auditioning for popular singing show "The Voice"? Shreveport native Cole Vosbury, who made it to the top five on the show last season, explained how the audition process goes.

"A lot of people get private auditions, meaning the show actually finds them and says 'Hey, we would really love for you to audition for our show,'" Cole said. "And other people have to do the open call audition, which is what I did."

He said it's you and thousands of other people all singing in front of a judge. Of course, you're not singing for Adam, Shakira, Usher and Blake just yet. Cole calls it a really cool process.

"You go in there with nine other people, and there's one judge. Basically, you get up for and sing for 90 seconds, or whenever he tells you to stop singing," he said. "Once you get past that process, the rest of it's pretty fun. You get a red piece of paper you get to hold up whenever you come down the stairs."

After you do your open call audition, you get a call-back, which you do at the same location. For Cole, that was Houston, Texas. The judge said to prepare three songs, and he chose "Movin' on Up," the theme song by "The Jeffersons."

That leads to an executive call-back audition, where you get to fly out to Los Angeles to play in front of the show's executive producers and network people. If you get through that, you get to play the waiting game.

"They say you'll know by this date if you got a blind audition," Cole said. "After three months of work and preliminary auditions, I got a blind audition."

Cole has this advice if you're considering trying out:

"You definitely have nothing to lose. It can happen. If you think that you can't turn a chair, well, you can. You just believe in yourself and do it."

Listen to more about Cole's personal experience here:

One of my favorites from Cole during his sting on "The Voice" was when he performed Mr. Big's "To Be With You." Take a look/listen!

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