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Meet Birch! At just four pounds and eleven weeks old, he made the trip to New York to part in this year's Animal Planet Puppy Bowl XVIII!

Birch was born at Ninna's Road to Rescue in Benton, LA, and is the third rescue pup from Ninna's to be featured in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl!

Isn't Birch adorable? And just in case you were wondering, I already asked. Birch has already been adopted by a loving family in Shreveport. I wanted him instantly, too! However, before we go any further, I should point out that Ninna has plenty of adorable pups just like Birch who would love to meet you, so click here if you're interested in adopting, volunteering, or donating. You can also see our weekly featured adoptable pet of the week via Bristol's Babies here.

Not only will you be able to see Birch this Sunday at 1 pm CST on Animal Planet and streaming on Discovery+ during the Puppy Bowl, but he's also being featured in a special segment that was filmed here in Benton at the rescue and at his previous foster home. Not only did Birch, the smallest dog involved this year, make the starting line up, word is that he'll be introduced individually which should be interesting. Why? Because this year's hosts are Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and Elmo. We know all of this because filming took place last October.

As you can tell, Birch is small, but he's mighty!

Here's sweet Birch with his momma!

Geaux Birch! We can't wait to see you show your stuff Sunday and hopefully, you'll find it in your heart to support Ninna Lopez and her terrific organization Ninna's Road to Rescue. Every little bit counts!

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