A Shreveport teen who pleaded guilty of trying to rape two young boys in Bossier Parish was sentenced Tuesday. 18 year old Victor Stewart will spend the next 40 years in prison.

The sexual assaults happened in Haughton in the summer of 2010. Before the judge handed down the sentence, one of the victims' uncles spoke before the court "...and the only thing I asked the judge was to remind him that he is a monster," says Jon Leclaire. "When he forced himself on them and did the things he did, he's a monster. He didn't just violate them. He violated our families. He destroyed the children's trust in people."

Stewart was originally charged with two counts of aggravated rape. Tuesday in court, the judge detailed how he showed the boys porn, sexually assaulted them, and then threatened to hurt them if they told.

In October, He pleaded guilty to two counts of the lesser charge of attempted forcible rape.

When given the opportunity to speak during his sentencing hearing, Stewart asked the judge not to throw his life away. The judge replied that he got leniency with that lesser charge, and promptly sentenced him to 40 years in prison.

"I'm happy with the sentence that was given. It shows that our justice system works the way it's supposed to be," Leclaire says.

But Leclaire tells us the damage has cut this family deep. For example, he says he's had to go to counseling with his pastor since it happened.

And that Victor Stewart was a family friend has changed who they deal with. Leclaire says they're more careful of who they allow around the boys.

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