Remember when the milk crate challenge took over TikTok and we heard of several people getting hurt all over Shreveport?

Dangerous social media challenges have gained popularity and the latest one has caught a lot of attention. Luckily TikTok has started to delete and hide all the videos of the “The Whoosh Bottle Experiment”.

What is "The Whoosh Bottle Experiment"?

People pour rubbing alcohol into a plastic jug then light it on fire. When ignited, it makes a “whoosh” sound. Literally, people are doing this for a "whoosh". Are you kidding me?

According to a boy from Connecticut is in the hospital being treated for severe injuries after he tried "The Whoosh Bottle Experiment" Although this happened in Connecticut several Fire Departments are coming out to warn the community of the dangers of this TikTok challenge.

A Shreveport Man May Have Tried "The Whoosh Bottle Experiment"

According to KTBS  a man from Shreveport is fighting for his life after trying to make a video for TikTok. It is not clear what the actual TikTok challenge was but what we do know is that the man has sustained third-degree burns and Shreveport Fire Department described them as "life-threatening".

The man was making the TikTok Sunday, January 2nd in the 2600 block of Malcolm Street. The incident is still under investigation.

Parents Need to Talk to Their Kids About This New TikTok Challenge

TikTok is trying to take down all these videos before they go up, however, some videos are being uploaded and garnering views before TikTok can take them down.

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