A Bossier City police officer patrolling the Louisiana Boardwalk parking lot this afternoon noticed a car illegally parked in a handicapped spot with the driver's window rolled down.  

When he approached the car, he spotted a small boy, unresponsive but breathing, in the back seat.  The officer got the boy out of the car, took him to a shaded area, and attempted to revive him while calling the fire department.  The boy did become responsive after a few minutes.

In the meantime, the boy's father walked up.  Police learned that he had left his 3-year-old son in the car while he went to pick up his paycheck at the Boardwalk restaurant where he worked.  26-year-old Joshua Jefferson was arrested for child desertion and booked into the Bossier City Jail.  He was also issued a handicapped parking ticket.  After being checked by firefighters, the child was released to the custody of a family member.

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