Come on Shreveport, we're better than this!!

Yesterday, an interesting video popped up in my 'Recommended' playlist on YouTube. No, it's not interesting because it was an aggressive, drunk ride-share passenger being a jerk to the driver. I watch quite a few of those videos so it's no surprise one was recommended to me. What was interesting, however, was the location of this particular Lyft incident.

One second into the video I realized whatever was abut to take place, happened right here in Shreveport. On the Lyft driver's front-facing dashcam, you clearly see downtown Shreveport, with El Dorado casino in plain sight as the driver pulls into the valet area at Sam's Town.

What happens next will make anyone watching this hope to the good Lord above that the passenger was an out-of-towner staying at a local casino, and not an actual Shreveporter acting this way. The passenger attempts to get into the back seat with an alcoholic beverage in hand. The driver informs him that he cannot have that in the vehicle, which irritates the passenger who launches the beverage to the front.

He followed it up with the classic "Do you want us to leave?"

The video, posted in 2019, is already up to 1.6 Million views.



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