One of Shreveport's go-to burger stops is permanently closing its doors.

This is a place that people would recommend quickly to anyone visiting town, or looking to have a great night out themselves. The shock of the closing will be felt deeply in the community with the level of involvement this group has had across Shreveport and Bossier City.

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Twisted Root Burger Company has announced it is closing up in Shreveport. Their operations will end after Sunday, October 15th. Here's the statement they posted to Facebook:

Their complete post reads:

"Friends –
We are sad to announce that Twisted Root Shreveport is permanently closing. Our last day of business will be Sunday October 15th. We have many words of thanks to offer the Shreveport community.
Thank you to the hundreds of employees who have served well over a million customers in the last 10 years. Your dedication and hard work will be forever appreciated.
Thank you to all the musicians and bands who have showcased your talent on our patio, and to all their supporters. Our goal has always been to shine a light on
Shreveport’s rich musical heritage. Special thanks to Buddy Flett, a Shreveport icon, and an American treasure, for holding your Tuesday night jam with us for a decade. We encourage everyone to continue supporting Shreveport’s live music scene.
Thank you to all the craft beer lovers in our community. Since our opening, four craft breweries were established in Shreveport, with dozens more in the region. Please continue to buy quality local craft beer when you are searching for a pint or 6pack.
Thank you to the die-hard trivia teams who have religiously participated in our trivia nights over the years. Please continue visiting the other restaurants and bars in town who offer this fun way to showcase your knowledge.
Thank you to all the schools, churches, and nonprofits who have held your spirit nights at our restaurant, and who have allowed us to donate to your fundraisers. With our customers’ support, we are thankful to have donated over $150,000 to these groups since our opening. We encourage all local businesses to continue supporting the many hundreds of nonprofits in our area doing great work.
Lastly, we thank each and every one of our customers. Your dollars are hard-earned, and stretched now more than ever. Thank you for supporting us. Please continue supporting all the wonderful locally-owned businesses in Shreveport."

The establishment enjoyed a long run in Shreveport, and will be greatly missed.

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