Even though the inundation has receded, the folks in South Louisiana who were ravaged by the recent floods are nowhere near out of water. There are estimates out there that say some people will have to wait up to 18 months before they are able to sleep in their own home again. In the meantime, these people who have lost nearly everything need supplies to aid in the continued clean-up and rebuilding efforts happening right now.

Now through September 8th, Shreve Memorial Library is accepting donations to be shipped down to the people of South Louisiana. In a press release from the library, they outline how you can help, and what supplies are desperately needed:

You can help us help flood victims in south Louisiana! For the next several days, Shreve Memorial Library is collecting donations of non-perishable food items, cleaning and school supplies, baby items, and pet food. The supplies are being shipped to Baton Rouge through various state agencies. Donated items may be dropped off at any Shreve Memorial Library branch.

The following items are needed:

Non-perishable food items:
• Peanut butter
• Crackers
• Nuts and trail mixes
• Cereal
• Granola bars and power bars
• Dried fruits, such as apricots and raisins
• Canned tuna, salmon, chicken, or turkey
• Canned vegetables, such as green beans, carrots, and peas
• Canned soups and chili
• Bottled water
• Sports drinks, such as Gatorade or Powerade
• Powdered milk
• Coffee & Creamer

Cleaning Supplies:
• Bleach
• Brooms
• Brushes
• Buckets
• Disinfectant Spray
• Dust Pans
• Mops
• Rags
• Vinegar
• Washing Detergent
• Window Cleaner

Baby items:
• Diapers (all sizes)
• Wet Wipes

School Supplies:
• Loose Leaf Paper
• Markers
• Crayons
• Glue
• Pencils
• Pens
• Composition Books
• Notebooks

And let's not forget all of the stranded furbabies. You can help them out with a donation of pet food.

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