What's going on?

The Political Sparks Fly Again
The political hot potato is not cooling off anytime soon. On Monday, state Sen. Greg Tarver challenged the residency of state Rep. Barbara Norton, who is trying to unseat him.
Where Is Cross Bayou Park We Passed in 1996?
As the campaign kicks off to pass the 186 million dollar bond issue, I still have serious questions about things voters were promised decades ago.
In 1996, Shreveport voters passed a $5 million dollar bond issue for Cross Bayou development
Should Mayor Adrian Perkins Grow His Beard Back?
Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins has taken a lot of heat since he took over at City Hall at the end of December. He stepped in a pile of $%#@ over the insurance deal. He's been criticized about the increased garbage fee and he's been on the hot seat about crime.