Evacuees from south Louisiana fled north to get out of harms way. Many of them stopped in the Shreveport Bossier area to seek shelter. Local hotels are sold out.

But shelters have opened up at the Old Sam's Club store on Jewella. Volunteers and organizations at the Shreveport shelter are also available to help with special needs. The Shreveport shelter does not allow pets, but arrangements will be made for care of pets at another site.

The Bossier Civic Center opened on Sunday to accommodate people with special medical needs.

About 400 evacuees also stopped at Cypress Black Bayou Park to find help. Meals were provided by First Baptist Church on Sunday. Cypress Baptist and The Simple Church are also stepping in to provide meals for these folks. On Tuesday, First Bossier will hold a church service at the park.

Volunteers have also been stepping in to provide basic needs like toiletries. Many of these folks came to northwest Louisiana from LaFourche Parish where the damage is reportedly extensive.

Labor Day reservations at the park have been cancelled to make sure the evacuees can stay as long as they need to.


Those needing help can call 211 anytime to get information about shelters and other assistance.

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