The Caddo Sheriff’s Office Youth Services Division has been working hard to combat underage alcohol sales by conducting a second holiday operation this year aimed at stopping the sale of alcohol to underage persons. Twenty-eight businesses were checked to make sure they were in compliance with local liquor laws, including several of the same businesses that were checked in the other operation conducted earlier in the month on December 15.

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator is very passionate and vocal about the operation, saying:

"It's important that both the employee and the business are compliant if we want to keep our kids safe and prevent underage drinking. Convenience stores, gas stations, and such have a lot of employees, so we will keep coming back until we make sure that everyone is following the law and businesses are holding all of their employees accountable for their sales."

Employees at five of the businesses checked on Monday, December 21, were cited for illegal sales. The following is a list of employees given by the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, who were issued a summons for selling alcohol to a person under the legal age of 21. Listed below are the names of the businesses where violations took place.

  1. Jammyia Kelly, 24, Walmart Supercenter, 4701 Northport Boulevard, Shreveport, Unlawful Sales to Person Under 21, first offense;
  1. LaKeiveya Jones, 25, Cash Magic, 14347 LA Hwy. 1, Vivian, Unlawful Sales to Person Under 21, first offense;
  1. Roselynn Clark, 23, E-Z Mart #1, 201 LA Hwy. 1, Oil City, Unlawful Sales to Persons Under 21, first offense and ABO Required;
  1. Keyarea Easter, 22, E-Z Mart #2, 201 South Pine Street, Vivian, Unlawful Sales to Persons Under 21, first offense and ABO Required; and
  1. Kerri Martin, 34, Triple J Travel Plaza, 8311 Springridge Texas Line Road, Keithville, Unlawful Sales to Person Under 21, first offense and ABO Required.

Businesses that were checked and DID NOT illegally sell alcohol on December 21 were:

  1. Daiquiri Express, 5750 North Market Street, Shreveport;
  1. Walmart Fuel Station, 4701 Northport Boulevard, Shreveport;
  1. CEFCO, 5875 North Market Street, Shreveport;
  1. Express Mart Valero, 7965 Old Mooringsport Road, Shreveport;
  1. Super S, 3910 Roy Road, Shreveport;
  1. Elsie’s Truck Stop, 7701 LA Hwy. 1, Shreveport;
  1. Longwood General Store, 3502 LA Hwy. 169, Mooringsport;
  1. The Triangle, 10881 LA Hwy. 1, Mooringsport;
  1. Dollar General, 107 LA Hwy 1, Oil City;
  1.  JR’s Saloon, 15596 LA Hwy. 1, Vivian;
  1. Dub’s Texaco, 120 South Pine Street, Vivian;
  1.  Super S Travel Plaza, 6950 Mira Myrtis Road, Ida;
  1.  Relay Station, 10281 LA Hwy. 1, Shreveport;
  1.  First and Last Stop, 10277 Linwood Avenue, Shreveport;
  1.  Crawdaddy’s, 12298 Mansfield Road, Keithville;
  1. S&A Truck Stop, 12300 Mansfield Road, Keithville;
  1. Stonewall Beverage Company, 12800 Mansfield Road, Keithville;
  1. General Store, 6230 Colquitt Road, Keithville;
  1. The Derrick, 6780 Colquitt Road, Keithville;
  1. Relay Station, 9110 US Hwy. 79, Greenwood;
  1. Lickskillet Liquor, 10106 US Hwy. 79, Greenwood;
  1. Tobacco Country, 11590 US Hwy. 80, Greenwood; and
  1. Cowhands Saloon, 11623 Hwy. 80, Greenwood.

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