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A billion is like a fake number. I honestly don't think enough people understand how much a billion actually is. In general terms, it's one-thousand million, written at 1,000,000,000. But do people actually get that?

I don't believe people understand how big a billion is, because we throw around the idea of being a "billionaire" like its no big deal. Like its a regular thing. But it's not, its far from it.

Try this...if you counted to 1,000 every day (which would take between 16 and 20 minutes), you would have to do that every day for 1,000 days (2.7 years or 32 months) to reach 1 million. Now that's just to his 1 million. If you wanted to get to a billion, using the same system, you would have to count to 1,000 every day for 1 million days. That's 2,740 years!

That's 2.7 years for 1 million, and 2,740 years for a billion.

Now think about that in money terms.


If you saved $1,000 a day, without spending a dime, you would have to save the same amount for 1,000 days to reach $1 million. Using the same metric, you would have to save $1,000 a day for 142,857 weeks, or 2,740 years to reach $1 billion. That means if you started saving $1,000 every day, you could be a billionaire by the year long as you never spent a dime of it.

Really, you have no idea how much $1billion is.

Now that we have set the stage for how ridiculous that amount of money actually is, lets look at how many of these people live in Louisiana. Thankfully, we didn't have to comb through a mountain of tax returns to find the answer. Because the team at Stacker already did the work.

In fact, they looked a bunch of states, including Louisiana's neighboring states. Like Arkansas, which is home to 5 billionaires, and Texas who appears to have 58 billionaires. I guess logically, Louisiana should fit somewhere between those two right? Well, lets find out.

Here's the complete list of billionaires who call Louisiana home:

#1. Gayle Benson

Louisiana: Gayle Benson
Todd Kirkland // Getty Images

- Net worth: $3.8 billion (#771 wealthiest in the world)
- Residence: New Orleans, Louisiana
- Source of wealth: pro sports teams

#2. There Isn't One



That's right, no one else. That's the whole list. There's just one billionaire that lives in Louisiana, and she's the owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans. Honestly, a state that has so much energy production should probably have more billionaires, but the lack of energy billionaires in a state that produces the kind of energy product that Louisiana does is a pretty on-brand example of Louisiana.

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